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Occupy Riverwest and Overpass Light Brigade to Live Stream Solidarity Sing Along Thursday Night

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Come and celebrate in-person or watch via Livestream the 350th consecutive Solidarity Sing Along!

Broadcasting live with Ustream

Come and celebrate in-person or watch via Livestream the 350th consecutive Solidarity Sing Along!

Madison, WI – Occupy Riverwest and the Overpass Light Brigade will be in Madison, Wisconsin at the Majestic Theatre this Thursday April 26th to stream live video of the 350th consecutive Solidarity Sing Along. Participants in the Solidarity Sing Along have been showing up at the Capitol every weekday at noon since March 11, 2011 to sing solidarity songs. The Progressive recently wrote about the coming 350th straight Sing Along saying the event was, “the longest continuously running singing protest in history”. They were also recently awarded the ACLU of Wisconsin’s “Civil Libertarian of the Year” award. One of the highlights of the evening will be the group releasing a Solidarity Sing Along CD—“This Is What Democracy Sounds Like”! The 350th Sing Along will also include other musical performances, dancing, community, solidarity, and the following entertainment:

The Overpass Light Brigade

Overpass Light Brigade Photo

DJ Nick Nice

Peter Leidy

Lou & Peter Berryman


Goodtime Camper

Occupy Riverwest (Occupy Wisconsin will also be picking up this video feed) will start streaming live at 7:00 p. If you can’t be in Madison yourself then come and join us virtually via Livestream. You can watch history be made through the window below. Please share this Livestream feed with anyone who might be interested!


Keeping the Pressure on Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus to Resign

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Protestors arrived Wednesday at the Waukesha County Administration Building to call for County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus' job.

Protestors arrived Wednesday at the Waukesha County Administration Building to call for County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus' job.

Waukesha, WI - On Wednesday a large group of protestors showed up to voice their anger over Kathy Nickolaus remaining on as Waukesha County’s Clerk. Recently, Waukesha’s County Executive Dan Vrakas  asked that Nickolaus either resign or step aside for the upcoming Recall Election. She chose the latter prompting Occupy Riverwest to publicly state that this action was not strong enough because it allowed Nickolaus to remain on as the County Clerk. Occupy Riverwest called on Nickolaus to resign and yesterday organized a protest,“Demand That Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus Resign!” at the Waukesha County Administration Building to ask her in-person. Nickolaus did not respond to the group’s visit and as of this posting, has not responded to the group’s call for her resignation. As a result, one of Occupy Riverwest’s organizers, Tyson Kuhrmeier, drafted and sent the following email (below) to Kathy Nickolaus, attaching the Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas, and GAB (Government Accountability Board) officials to keep the pressure on Nickolaus to immediately resign.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Tyson Kuhrmeier
Date: Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 1:38 PM
Subject: Resign as Waukesha County Clerk
To: countyclerk@waukeshacounty.gov
Cc: countyexec@waukeshacounty.govtlaack@conleynet.com,  richard.bohringer@wi.govdiane.lowe@wi.govgab@wi.gov

Dear Kathy Nickolaus,

Yesterday I was a part of a group of individuals that stood outside of the Waukesha County Courthouse asking for your resignation. I am thankful that you recently conceded to the Waukesha County Executive and agreed to step aside for the upcoming historic, recall elections. However, in these polarized times, I do not think it is enough. Last year, the State Supreme Court election was a pivotal election that had serious implications on the future of Wisconsin politics. Your inability to include the entire city of Brookfield completely cast doubt into what really happened during that election.
Since the State Supreme Court election, there has been a lack of voter confidence in the votes coming out of Waukesha. As you might know, on the night of the state senate race in district 8, a Democratic spokesman accused you of election fraud on live television. Whether this is true or not, I do not know. However, what I do know is that your history led to such a bold claim. Furthermore, I feel that it was a claim shared by many of the voters in Wisconsin. Many Wisconsinites are asking: What will Kathy Nickolaus do next? How will she affect the next election?
These are questions that should not have to be asked if you were performing your job correctly. There would be voter confidence, and people would feel that the results reflected the views of people living in your county. The most troubling thing in all of this is that the results in your county do not just affect your local residents. They affect the residents all over Wisconsin. In some ways, they affect people all over the world, because everyone in the world is watching Wisconsin during these contentious times to see how we will move forward. Your role in this has become one of infamy. Do you know that your name was in the top ten phrases trending on Twitter across the world on the night of the senate 8 election?
Understanding the importance of restoring faith in the democratic process in Wisconsin, I respectfully ask you to resign as Waukesha County Clerk. It would be the noble, respectable thing to do. If you love this state, you will hopefully recognize the urgency in this message. Wisconsin needs to move forward, and Wisconsin cannot move forward if no one believes in your ability to provide fair, timely, transparent election results from Waukesha County.
Tyson Kuhrmeier
P.S. If you do decide to finish out your term, can you please clarify to the Wisconsin public what “stepping aside” means for the upcoming elections. Does this mean that you will not be involved at all during the primaries and the elections on June 5th?

Protestors delivered their message from the median in front of the Waukesha Administration Building.

If Kathy Nickolaus truly respects the concerns of Wisconsin voters she will do the right thing and resign immediately as Waukesha’s County Clerk. We ask anyone else that feels the same way to email the same addressees in the email above and demand her immediate resignation! Check back in at occupyriverwest.com for future updates on this.

Facebook photo album from Wednesday’s protest

We Demand That Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus Resign

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Inside the Waukesha County Clerk's office the night of the recent April 3rd election.

Stepping Aside Is Not Enough For Kathy Nickolaus                              by: Tyson Kuhrmeier (Occupy Riverwest)

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus needs to resign immediately.

In the winter and spring of 2011, hundreds of thousands of people marched around the Wisconsin State Capitol to protest proposed legislation that would destroy or severely limit the rights of public workers in the State of Wisconsin. For months, people showed up by the thousands in the rain, snow, and often frigid temperatures to petition their government to strike down a piece of legislation that would undo over 50 years of peace in the workplace. The protests would become some of the largest and enduring protests in state history. Not since the Vietnam War had there been such outrage and conflict in the state. Yet, in one night, the Republican dominated senate broke the open meetings law in order to pass this contentious piece of legislation. Wisconsin’s history of good clean government seemed to forever be stained. The state became extremely polarized, and talks of politics divided friends, neighbors, and families.

In order to try to restore faith in Wisconsin’s government, a lawsuit was filed claiming that the legislation that had been passed in the senate had been done illegally, because the senate had broken the opening meetings law. The case seemed destine to reach the Wisconsin Supreme Court, so it became clear that an upcoming State Supreme Court election would ultimately determine the fate of Act 10. The election came; voters turned out in record numbers; and it appeared that there might be an end to the divisiveness that had plagued the state for months. There was one problem: Kathy Nickolaus!

On April 5, 2011, the associated press had an unofficial posting of Joanne Kloppenburg beating incumbent Supreme Court Judge David Prosser by a razor edge margin of 204 votes. It was clear a recount would occur; however, no one would have expected what happened next! Kathy Nickolaus, the Waukesha County Clerk, would come out two days later to say that she forgot to save all of the over 14,000 votes for the entire city of Brookfield, Wisconsin! Nickolaus had gone against the Government Accountability’s Recommendation and only reported all of the votes for all of Waukesha County, which could have contributed to this error. Reportedly, she discovered her error within 24 hours of election, but she waited an entire day to report this error! Whether or not this was incompetence or election fraud, Kathy Nickolaus should have never worked as a county clerk ever again! However, she did not resign.  Thus, ever since last year’s Wisconsin Supreme Court Election, voter confidence in elections involving Kathy Nickolaus has been dubious at best.

Since last year’s Wisconsin Supreme Court race, Nickolaus has made major headlines twice. First, There was a highly contested state senate race in August of 2011 that would decide partisan control of the state senate. During most of the evening, the challenger, Sandy Pasch, was leading incumbent Alberta Darling. The election ran late in the night. It was a relatively small election, yet votes were still out past midnight. Where were a large portion of these votes still out? You guessed it: Waukesha County. Something that would have been probably perceived as annoying delay in tabulating votes prior to the Supreme Court election, now seemed like a grand conspiracy. The Chair for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin went as far as to accuse Nickolaus on live television of election fraud. Her name was in the top ten trending words/phrases in the world on Twitter. Yet, Nickolaus continued to work as the Waukesha County Clerk.

Inside the Waukesha County Clerk's office the night of the recent April 3rd election.

Then, April 3rd, 2012, Kathy Nickolaus struck again. During the Republican primary, Kathy Nickolaus claims that the memory cards from the clerks working in the various municipalities did not work. The clerks had to resort to looking over the receipts of all of the election data from every polling place. It was a disaster, one that can be highlighted by the ridiculous picture of people scanning over receipts at the Waukesha County Courthouse. Nickolaus failed to report timely election data online as instructed by the GAB, and it led to information about various races not being reported till after 3am the next day.

The errors and lack of timeliness on three separate election days is inexcusable. Nickolaus has agreed to step aside for the upcoming recall elections in June, but it is truly not enough. Three strikes you are out! Wisconsin needs to believe that elections are fair and decided by the people. The GAB has said that Nickolaus stepping aside is an internal matter for Waukesha to decide. Will Nickolaus’ agreement to “step aside” mean that she has no responsibilities on election night? Will this be permanent or temporary? This is why this solution is not good enough! Kathy Nickolaus needs to resign immediately! The faith in Wisconsin’s elections depends on it.

Timeline of the Infamous Career of Kathy Nickolaus:

2001: Kathy Nickolaus is granted immunity to testify in a scandal occurring in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

2005: Sample ballots were distributed to the public for the Waukesha County Executive election. The ballots had a mark suggesting voters should vote for James Dwyer instead of Dan Vrakas.

2006: Nickolaus temporarily skews Republican primary results for the assembly, because she entered the data in the wrong column.

2010: Waukesha County Board orders an audit of Nickolaus’ system, because they say it is secretive and she refuses to cooperate with the county technical staff.

2011: Allegedly forgets to include over 14,000 votes in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election. Finds the error, waits over a day to report the error.

2011: The votes from Waukesha County are some of the last votes to come in a small state senate election. The votes are out way past midnight, and the Chair of the Democratic Party accuses her of election fraud.

2012: During the Republican Primary, the memory cards brought by the municipality clerks allegedly will not save, and it leads to all of the clerks counting the votes from long receipts posted on the wall of the Waukesha County Courthouse.

2012: County Executive Dan Vrakas asks for Nickolaus to resign or step aside for historic recall elections. She chooses the latter and keeps her position as Waukesha County Clerk.

What Are We Going To Do About It?

We will be visiting Kathy Nickolaus this Wednesday, the 11th to demand that she resign immediately! Please join us! Occupy Riverwest will be providing a free bus to and from the demonstration. This bus will leave the Riverwest Public House @ 4:00 sharp and will leave to return to the Public House @ 7:00. You do not need to register for this bus, just show up and ride. If you do not need to take the bus and choose to meet us in Waukesha, the event will start at 5:00. It is way past time to tell Kathy Nickolaus, in person, that she needs to resign!

Facebook Event Page

65,000 Strong In Support of Worker Rights

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65,000 demonstrators were out in Madison, Wisconsin for the Reclaim Wisconsin event.

65,000 demonstrators were out in Madison, Wisconsin for the Reclaim Wisconsin event (photo courtesy of Matt Brusky of Citizen Action of Wisconsin).

Madison, WI – Everything about Saturday, March 10th seemed to be perfect for the Reclaim Wisconsin rally. For starters, the weather was absolutely incredible with sunny skies and downright balmy temperature into the mid 60s. Also into the mid 60s was the number of Wisconsinites who turned out (65,000 people) in droves to make a statement, loud and clear: Wisconsin believes in worker rights!

Occupy Riverwest was on the scene the entire day Livestreaming through the

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is alive and well in Wisconsin!

Ustream account, which was picked up by Occupy Wisconsin, The O-Team  (Minnesota), and even Global Revolution who picked up the video feed near the conclusion of the event. This post is an attempt to put some of that Livestreamed video in one place. The Reclaim Wisconsin event was a truly special day and we wanted to make sure that a post was created that allows both attendees and those who were unable to attend a place to go and view the footage.

Walking Around Reclaim Wisconsin: This footage includes interviews on Capitol Square with:

(8:15) Interview with Mike Rosen, President of the American Federation of Teachers, Local 212 and Executive Vice President of A.F.T. Wisconsin talking about the recent attack on MATC by Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman.

(18:35) Occupy Wall Street of Wisconsin contingent shows up.

Marching with Reclaim Wisconsin: Walking with the protesters at the Reclaim Wisconsin Rally. The energy was high and the chants were loud. Marching with Occupy Wisconsin and SEIU (Service Employees International Union).

(4:35) Interview with a Veteran for Peace Protester

(6:45) Interview with Peter Rickman formerly Teaching Assistants’ Association and now SEIU.

Interview at Reclaim Wisconsin: More interviews around Capitol Square including interview with Kathleen Falk:

(0:28) Interview with Lane Hall of the Overpass Light Brigade.

(3:33) Dian Palmer, President of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin and Bruce Colburn, Vice President of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin.

(8:54) Interview with Kathleen Falk, candidate running against Scott Walker in Gubernatorial Recall Election.

(13:20) Interview with Milwaukee activist Angela Nicole Walker with Occupy The Hood – Milwaukee and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998.

John Nichols Speech at Reclaim Wisconsin: This video catches the end of Lori Compass‘ (Led the Scott Fitzgerald Recall and is now running against him) speech and the entire John Nichols (The Nation) speech, which was amazing. The Nichols speech video starts far away but the viewpoint is much better farther into the video.

Occupy Fond du Lac Comes Out Strong Against 1% Walker Theft of Foreclosure Settlement

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Members of Occupy Fond du Lac demonstrate outside of US Bank.

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin - It has been exciting to watch the growth of the Occupy Wall

Occupy Fond du Lac chose US Bank as their destination to stage a demonstration.

Street Movement to all parts of the globe. One of those places it has spread to is Fond du Lac, a city with a population just over 43,000 people on the shores of Wisconsin’s biggest inland lake, Lake Winnebago. Occupy Fond du Lac is a great example of a city that has organized strongly in support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Scott Walker recently announced that he would be plugging a state budget hole (That he created with new corporate tax breaks) using money earmarked for struggling

Protest Flyer created by Occupy Fond du Lac for their demonstration against 1% Walker's theft of the state's foreclosure settlement money.

Wisconsinites who have lost their homes due to the criminal actions of financial institutions. Occupy Fond du Lac decided to fight back and organize a demonstration that would convey their disapproval of the Governor’s actions.

The group decided to hold a protest on a prominent downtown Fond du Lac intersection in front of the local US Bank branch. They picked US Bank as the location to hold their protest since it was one of the five banks implicated in the foreclosure fraud perpetrated against WIsconsin homeowners. From 2:30 – 4:30 the group held carefully crafted signs and American flags and collectively chant, “work for less until you die, this is why we Occupy” and “Scott Walker! Get your ass in gear! Stop giving our homes to the auctioneer!”.

The group plans to continue organizing in the Fond du Lac area and has plans for other future actions around the city including a larger demonstration later in April. You can follow the group and their future actions on Facebook. Keep up the the fight Occupy Fond du Lac!

Occupy Fond du Lac demonstrates outside of US Bank.

Members of Occupy Fond du Lac demonstrate outside of US Bank.