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We the people of Occupy Riverwest in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement will occupy our local public spaces in an effort to raise the consciousness of our community to the 99% movement.

Mission Statement:

To build community and raise the consciousness of our community to the 99% movement. Solidarity!
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We are one of Milwaukee’s many neighborhood occupations, currently building community and connections on the East Side of Milwaukee and beyond.

We are a nonviolent, non partisan organization. We participate in the events and actions of Occupy Milwaukee, and stand in solidarity with Occupy the Hood – Milwaukee, Decolonize The Hood – Milwaukee, Occupy Bay View, and other Wisconsin Occupy groups. We are part of the larger Occupy movement, and support all efforts to empower the 99%.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. snidely

    We at “Occupy YMB” Support you! We are concerned about remote pc access to many social services, internet access,legislation for mandatory vacation credits,HOH free well water,Gluten rights,and more…

  2. Amelia Royko Maurer

    Please ask the Starbucks witness to publicize the names of those law enforcement agents who interviewed her and specifically, the name of the person who was in charge of her interview. DCI is hiding the names of their investigators/detectives and that isn’t normal for an officer-involved death investigation. They are supposed to be leading this investigating with more than 2 investigators/detectives and at least one leading the investigation.


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