Fox News Airing Videos Created By Provocateur “Reporter”

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Education Action Group provocateur "reporter" Jeremy Segal employs questionable journalistic ethic in the production of his movies.

Education Action Group provocateur "reporter" Jeremy Segal employs questionable journalistic ethic in the production of his movies.

Milwaukee, WI – Nation Fox News and the conservative website recently aired a video (shown above) containing footage from a protest outside an Americans for Prosperity event in Milwaukee that painted the demonstrators as unstable, erratic, and incapable of deciding for themselves why they are speaking out for change. The video was produced by EAGFoundation, otherwise known as Education Action Group and created by provocateur videographer Jeremy Segal. Segal has manufactured movies for EAG that attempt to portray all protestors negatively. This makes EAG’s videos fodder for cable news channels like Nation Fox News. The dirty truth behind these videos, as several Milwaukee activists and independent media have recently found out, is that they have been produced under unethical pretenses.

Occupy Riverwest was also present at the same protest that Segal’s video captures. Through Occupy Riverwest’s live Ustream video and additional high definition footage it is apparent that Mr. Segal is using interview techniques that do not seem to meet a very high standard of journalistic ethics nor do they provide any sort of “balanced” coverage as the Fox network likes to say it does.

Segal also showed up at another Occupy Milwaukee event this Wednesday using the same combative approach.

The protestor highlighted in EAG’s video who is wearing a blue jacket and has long hair provided Segal with the majority of footage used in the video. The truth behind Segal’s exchanges with this protestor however is that this young man clearly exhibited behaviors consistent with someone with special needs and it is both mean-spirited and disingenuous to single out this person as a spokesman for the group. This did not stop Segal from not only questioning him but also provoking, antagonizing, and baiting him into making predictable responses. At this same protest Segal continued to harass the demonstrators, shouting hostile, acusatory questions in a way that prevented any reasonable response or exchange. Whenever someone would respond Segal would immediately lay into that demonstrator and attack them with partisan questions. The unethical and biased interview style employed by Segal make his videos nothing more than propaganda and hardly approach the realm of being newsworthy for a worldwide news corporation like Fox News. website that shared Education Action Group's video.

Since the release of EAG’s video Segal was seen at a Rahm Emanuel protest in Milwaukee again this Wednesday employing the same combative interview style that enabled him to make the biased video that Nation Fox News so eagerly shared. The video below clearly shows that Segal’s only intention for attending demonstrations in Milwaukee is to provoke and intimidate attendees. This behavior hardly resembles anything close to responsible journalism.

Is Nation Fox News aware that EAG is employing questionable techniques to obtain these stories?  . . . Are people like Jeremy Segal simply using unethical techniques to lure news companies like Fox News to bite on their videos? Wisconsin has seen a host of these types of attack, push-journalism outfits (Media Trackers and the MacIver Institute) in the last year since the beginning of the Wisconsin Uprising over a year ago. This seems to be another case of where news companies like Fox News are more interested in pushing one-sided partisan coverage that fits it own political agenda than providing the people with the facts and letting them decide for themselves.

Watch Occupy Riverwest’s video below that demonstrates some of Jeremy Segal’s interview style used to create his movies.


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