65,000 Strong In Support of Worker Rights

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65,000 demonstrators were out in Madison, Wisconsin for the Reclaim Wisconsin event.

65,000 demonstrators were out in Madison, Wisconsin for the Reclaim Wisconsin event (photo courtesy of Matt Brusky of Citizen Action of Wisconsin).

Madison, WI – Everything about Saturday, March 10th seemed to be perfect for the Reclaim Wisconsin rally. For starters, the weather was absolutely incredible with sunny skies and downright balmy temperature into the mid 60s. Also into the mid 60s was the number of Wisconsinites who turned out (65,000 people) in droves to make a statement, loud and clear: Wisconsin believes in worker rights!

Occupy Riverwest was on the scene the entire day Livestreaming through the

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is alive and well in Wisconsin!

Ustream account, which was picked up by Occupy Wisconsin, The O-Team  (Minnesota), and even Global Revolution who picked up the video feed near the conclusion of the event. This post is an attempt to put some of that Livestreamed video in one place. The Reclaim Wisconsin event was a truly special day and we wanted to make sure that a post was created that allows both attendees and those who were unable to attend a place to go and view the footage.

Walking Around Reclaim Wisconsin: This footage includes interviews on Capitol Square with:

(8:15) Interview with Mike Rosen, President of the American Federation of Teachers, Local 212 and Executive Vice President of A.F.T. Wisconsin talking about the recent attack on MATC by Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman.

(18:35) Occupy Wall Street of Wisconsin contingent shows up.

Marching with Reclaim Wisconsin: Walking with the protesters at the Reclaim Wisconsin Rally. The energy was high and the chants were loud. Marching with Occupy Wisconsin and SEIU (Service Employees International Union).

(4:35) Interview with a Veteran for Peace Protester

(6:45) Interview with Peter Rickman formerly Teaching Assistants’ Association and now SEIU.

Interview at Reclaim Wisconsin: More interviews around Capitol Square including interview with Kathleen Falk:

(0:28) Interview with Lane Hall of the Overpass Light Brigade.

(3:33) Dian Palmer, President of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin and Bruce Colburn, Vice President of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin.

(8:54) Interview with Kathleen Falk, candidate running against Scott Walker in Gubernatorial Recall Election.

(13:20) Interview with Milwaukee activist Angela Nicole Walker with Occupy The Hood – Milwaukee and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998.

John Nichols Speech at Reclaim Wisconsin: This video catches the end of Lori Compass‘ (Led the Scott Fitzgerald Recall and is now running against him) speech and the entire John Nichols (The Nation) speech, which was amazing. The Nichols speech video starts far away but the viewpoint is much better farther into the video.

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