Have Bria Grant Campaign Signs Showed Up in Your Yard?

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Is there anyone else who has had a campaign sign mysteriously show up in their yard for public school privatization advocate Bria Grant? Does Bria Grant know she’s not supposed to be placing campaign signs on people’s property without first obtaining permission or is she doing it on purpose?



If one has showed up in your yard without your permission take a photo and message us and we’ll add it this post.

Crashing An Anti-Immigration Overpass Protest in Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, WI - Perhaps those planning anti-immigration overpass protests around the nation should have thought about the fact that the majority of Americans do not support their hate. In Milwaukee they had to find out the hard way.

When I arrived at the original overpass bridge chosen for the Saturday protest I immediately found that it was closed for construction. Counter protestors were already milling about wondering if the protest would be cancelled, as there were no protestors to be seen. The gathered counter protestors collectively decided to change course and simply walk to the nearest busy street corner and hold signs, which they did for about 20 minutes when word came that Anti-immigration protestors were spotted on a different bridge a quarter mile away. Everyone immediately made the move to the new location.

When I pulled up to the Howard Avenue overpass bridge there was a group of about 7 (6 on one side of the street and 1 on the other) holding “No Amnesty” and “Defend Our Borders” signs to traffic passing underneath. Counter protestors had already begun to arrive filling the opposite side of the bridge quickly outnumbering the few protestors present.

Photo credit: C.M. DeSpears

Photo credit: C.M. DeSpears

Once the opposite side of the bridge filled, several counter protests began making their way to the opposite side of the overpass strategically positioning their “Mr President: Stop the Deportations” banner immediately next to the protestors effectively co-opting the original thrust of the  action.

One of the child migrant protestors, upset over the counter protestors’ actions told them to leave his side of the bridge whining that, “they were there first”. The video embedded below captures one of the proud counter protestor’s response.

Pro-immigration groups ended up outnumbering the anti-immigration demonstrators by about 5-to-1, drowning out their hate and sending a message that Wisconsin welcomes immigrant children and rejects the hate of those stalking and harassing migrant children. Apparently the same thing happened on an overpass in Philly. If these so-called “patriots” continue to meet this kind of reaction from everyday Americans perhaps they might think twice about displaying their hate in public for all to see.

Crashing An Anti-Immigration Overpass Protest from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo.

Milwaukee Stands in Solidarity with Those Fighting Water Shutoffs in Detroit

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Milwaukee, WI - Certain things, such as air, water and the sun should never be owned by any private individual, group or corporation. But that’s exactly what’s happening in Michigan with their water. Whether it’s Nestle sucking community wells dry or the recent Detroit water shutoffs, the people are having their rights trampled, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t fighting back.

National Nurses United joined the Friday protests in Detroit against water shutoffs (photo credit: National Nurses United).

National Nurses United joined the Friday protests in Detroit against water shutoffs (photo credit: National Nurses United).

Thousands descended upon Detroit Friday to protests against the city’s water shutoffs affecting its poorest populations. The United Nations has even weighed in on the city’s policy as well saying it:

“constitutes a violation of the human right to water and other international human rights”

Another protest took place Friday night except this one was on the other side of Michigan, Lake Michigan that is. The Overpass Light Brigade‘s chose one of the largest sources of fresh water in the world to shine their message in support of those fighting the water shutoffs and although their action wasn’t as loud or large as the ones in Detroit, they weren’t any less visible.



Join the Detroit Water Brigade and find out how you can fight back wherever you are.

Water Meme

Is a Bomb Train Running Through Your Backyard?

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Wauwatosa, WI - Last night we visited the Village of Wauwatosa to hold an Overpass Light Brigade (OLB) action to raise visibility about bomb trains running through the area. Minutes before we pulled out the lights for our “OIL TRAIN BLAST ZONE” message an actual bomb train happened to pass through. Thanks to veteran OLB Holder of the Light Jayne Mullins for capturing the moment on video. We edited that footage to make this video about these ticking time bombs chugging through our communities.

Is a Bomb Train Running Through Your Backyard? from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo.

Deadly Bomb Trains Chugging Through the Heart of America

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The fireball that followed the derailment and explosion of two trains, one carrying Bakken crude oil, on December 30, 2013, outside Casselton, N.D.

The fireball that resulted from the derailment and explosion of a train carrying Bakken crude oil outside Casselton, N.D. on December 30, 2013.

Most Americans would want to know if a massive explosion could happen in their backyard. Well, right now “bomb trains” carrying highly flammable Bakken Shale crude are running all over the country, and if you live within a mile of the railroad tracks, then a fireball like the one in the photograph above could become reality for you.

What makes up the Bakken Shale oil? (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Breakdown of Bakken crude. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

ForestEthics just put out an “Oil Train Blast Zone” map that details the path of these deadly trains, and the expansive swath of blast and evacuation zones. You might be surprised by the routes these trains take, so type your zip code in and see if you are in a blast zone.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, these deadly trains run right past a popular gathering place in the Wauwatosa village. On the evening of July 12, 2014, the Overpass Light Brigade braved pouring rain to let people know that their favorite restaurants and bars lie well within a blast zone, with these explosive payloads passing by multiple times a week.

Communities should not have to bear the risk of catastrophic explosions from Bakken oil. Along with other forms of extreme energy, Bakken crude isn’t worth the risk. We don’t need exploding trains, groundwater turned toxic by fracking, or tar sands pipelines. It’s time to reign in the big oil companies that profit off of these dangerous fossil fuels, and demand clean, renewable alternatives.


Is a Bomb Train Running Through Your Backyard? from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo.