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Why Support Local Business?                                

Occupy Riverwest believes strongly that locally owned small businesses are part of the 99%. Research has shown that money spent at a locally owned business has a greater chance of staying in the neighborhood in which it was spent versus money spent at a business that is not locally owned. Therefore, as a group, Occupy Riverwest will be engaged in finding ways to divert neighborhood dollars from Wall Street (big box business – the 1%) back to Main Street (small locally owned business – the 99%).

Cash Mobs

One way Occupy Riverwest has worked towards its goal of supporting locally owned small businesses is through the use of local cash mobs. A cash mob operates the same way as a flash mob with the big difference being why people appear. Cash mob participants appear at targeted small locally owned businesses to spend their hard earned money comfortably knowing that their money is supporting a local business that will undoubtedly reinvest back in the surrounding community.

Through three cash mob events Occupy Riverwest has effectively demonstrated to surrounding communities the collective purchasing power the 99% possesses, while also relaying the message of Occupy Wall Street to new audiences via the positive message of supporting local business.  The group has diverted an incredible $10,583.30 away from corporate interests in favor of community interests. As a unified group, Riverwest citizens have not only injected desperately needed cash into their local economy but they also have begun the process of defunding a corporate business model that is not working for the average person. We can choose to support the current system that, among other things, strips away the rights of workers or incentivizes the shipping of family supporting jobs to places that enable the work to be done at substandard wages or support local businesses that do not engage in such unethical practices. By contributing dollars to big businesses (the 1%) citizens are unknowingly complicit in the propping up of a system that is not sustainable for working class people or the planet. Buy local and refrain from shopping big box. You too can help by personally moving your money from Wall Street back to to Main Street by purchasing local or by organizing a cash mob in your area!

Media Coverage of Occupy Riverwest Cash Mobs

CBS 58 News – Milwaukee - First Cash Mob

Fox 6 News – Milwaukee - Second Cash Mob

NBC TMJ4 News – Milwaukee - Second Cash Mob

NBC TMJ4 News – Milwaukee – Remix of first video

CBS 58 News – Milwaukee – Third Cash Mob

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Local Businesses That Support Occupy Riverwest (99%)

Many small locally owned Riverwest businesses understand that Occupy Riverwest stands in solidarity with them against big box businesses that have used their unparalleled power to create a business climate that is stunting small businesses’ ability to succeed. Several of these local small Riverwest businesses have placed “This local business supports Occupy Riverwest 99%” signs in their establishment’s storefront windows sending a message to neighbors that small business is also the 99% and need to be supported.

Sign that Riverwest businesses who support Occupy Riverwest are hanging in their storefront windows.

Here is a list of businesses that support Occupy Riverwest and have placed our sign in their windows. Please support these businesses the way they support us!

KRS Hair, Skin & Nails (832 E. Locust St.)

KRS Hair, Skin & Nails supports Occupy Riverwest so we encourage all our supporters to patronize KRS.

The Riverwest Public House (815 E. Locust Street)

The Riverwest Public House supports Occupy Riverwest so we encourage all our supporters to Occupy the Public House.

The Bremen Cafe (901 E. Clarke St.)

The Bremen Cafe supports Occupy Riverwest so we encourage all our supporters to Occupy the Bremen Cafe.

Booth Street Recall Walker Office (2604 N. Booth St.)

The Booth Street Walker Recall Office supports Occupy Riverwest so we encourage all our supporters to take some time and Occupy the Walker Recall.

Fischberger’s Variety (2445 N. Holton St.) – Picture not available yet

Riverwest Co-Op and Grocery (733 E. Clarke St.) – Picture not available yet

Riverwest Film & Video (824 E. Center St.) – Picture not available yet


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