“Focus on Jobs, Not Vaginas” Deliver Their Eggs to Scott Walker

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Overpass Light Brigade (photo courtesy of Michael Pecosky).

Overpass Light Brigade (photo courtesy of Michael Pecosky).

Milwaukee, WI - All they wanted to do was deliver their eggs to Scott Walker. Saturday afternoon, the group “Focus on Jobs, Not Vaginas” organized a rally at the Wisconsin Convention Center, where Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is currently hosting governors from around the country, many of whom have just signed legislation destroying women’s reproductive rights, including Rick Perry of Texas, John Kasich of Ohio, and Pat McCrory of North Carolina. The group not only wanted to have a presence on the street, speaking out against what several of the governors have recently passed, but they also had another mission. “…Governor Walker is trying to probe our vaginas. We just want to give him a basket of our eggs,” explained Focus on Jobs, Not Vaginas member Jen Epps-Addison on her group’s attempt to deliver their eggs (symbolic for reproductive eggs) to Governor Walker at the weekend-long Governors Convention.

Handing Out Signs

Focus on Jobs, Not Vaginas pass out signs.

The group rallied on the street across from the venue, since the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) has barricaded off the east and south ends of the convention center. A group of about fifty protestors held signs, chanted, and spoke about the ways Republican governors have recently passed legislation turning back years of reproductive rights for women. Speakers at the rally especially targetted Scott Walker’s recent mandatory ultrasound bill requiring any Wisconsin woman seeking an abortion, for any reason, be mandated to get a medically unnecessarydifficult to obtain, and invasive trans-vaginal ultrasound

Jen Epps Addison Speaks

Jen Epps-Addison speaks to those assembled.

“We have no choice, no say over what goes on in our bodies and so…let’s just give him all of our eggs, since Walker feels like he knows better what to do with them than us,” Jobs Not Vaginas member Shayna Kurland said after her and several other group members attempted to deliver a basket full of eggs (representing their own reproductive eggs) to Walker.Delivering Eggs

The MPD officer in charge, listened to the women’s request and actually complimented the members on their peaceful protest and agreed to call and see if they could make their delivery.

After making an attempt, the officer returned to tell the women that neither Walker or any member of his staff was willing to come and accept ownership of their eggs, which was strange since clearly he wants to have control over the women of the State of Wisconsin. The officer did, however, graciously agree to personally deliver one of the eggs to Walker’s staff and the message behind it.Asking to Deliver EggsWalking Back From ConventionThe group members returned to the main rally, declaring their egg delivery a success. Focus on Jobs, Not Vaginas plans to continue to follow Scott Walker and any politician who attacks a woman’s ability to make their own decisions over reproductive health.Jobs Not Vaginas Group Shot

Delivering Eggs to Walker from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo.

More photos from this action are here.

4 thoughts on ““Focus on Jobs, Not Vaginas” Deliver Their Eggs to Scott Walker

  1. Kim

    Love it! Sign me up, I want to join the next rally. I don’t have any eggs left for Walker to get his hands on, but I have friends and family that should have the right to their own reproductive choices.

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