Light Brigade Network Lends A Little LED Light and A Drone to No KXL Vigils

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Americans in 275 locations, across 49 states sent a strong statement to President Obama that the Keystone XL pipeline is wrong for the nation. It was an impressive showing of resistance to the pipeline since organizers had only a weekend’s notice to pull actions together, as the U.S. State Department released their Environmental Impact Statement shamelessly on Friday. Joining vigil goers in several cities was the Light Brigade Network, and the DIY Drone Brigade. Both of these groups used creative tactics to get their messages across to the President.

The evening started with a tweet out of Milwaukee from the original Overpass Light Brigade.



Occupy Moab Light Brigade joined at a vigil in Moab, Utah.

The Detroit Light Brigade has been busy the past few weeks shining to bring greater visibility to the MI CATS (Michigan Coalition to Stop Tar Sands). Three of their activists, were just convicted with felony charges for locking themselves to pipeline construction equipment at an Enbridge worksite in Michigan.


The Atlanta Light Brigade also joined

The North Texas Light Brigade hit a busy street corner in Dallas, Texas.

The Orlando Light Brigade also employed the light brigade tactic along bustling intersection.


The presence of a light brigade at any action adds a whole new element to the nighttime protest but that hasn’t stopped the group from expanding into other areas, such as the DIY Drone Brigade. OLB had its first flight for the new drone camera at Monday night’s vigil in downtown Milwaukee. The drone’s first aerial adventure proved to be quite difficult along a busy and windy Wisconsin Avenue, but it did manage to pull in a grainy video of the action there.

Climate Crisis with Drone Brigade from Overpass Light Brigade on Vimeo.

Should President Obama decide to approve the final construction leg of the Keystone XL pipeline he won’t be able to say he didn’t clearly see strong American opposition to it. Until then the Light Brigade Network will continue to send messages to the president.

No to KXL from Overpass Light Brigade on Vimeo.

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