Walker Aide Demands Protestor’s Rights Be Violated

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Milwaukee, WI - About two-dozen protestors showed up this morning at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee to protest a visit from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who was visiting the Johnson’s Control space at the University. The protestors chanted on megaphones “Focus on jobs, not vaginas” outside the room Walker was in to send a message that the people of Wisconsin will not stand by idly while the reproductive rights of women are attacked.

While protesting a demonstrator took her sign and pressed it up against the window of the room Walker was in. This protestor did this without issue for a few minutes, until a Walker aide asked her to remove the sign. She refused, upsetting the aide who next walked away, only to stop and come back to ask one of the MPD officers present to have the sign removed. Without thinking about whether he was violating the women’s rights, the officer immediately approached the women and demanded she remove the sign. When she refused he immediately ripped it from her hands. The protestor immediately grabbed the sign back and continued to press the sign against the window for Walker to see. When the officer realized his actions were being videotaped he immediately ceased with his request.

Apparently the Milwaukee Police Department’s job is to do whatever people in positions of influence ask them to do rather than considering if they are violating the rights of those who pay their salaries? Props to this women for recognizing her rights were being infringed upon and continuing with her protest despite the threats and intimidation! Watch the video below.

Walker Aid Orders Attack on Protestor from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo.

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    It should be noted that the police officer that grabs the woman’s sign was not UWM police but actually Wisconsin Capitol Police, and is directly controlled by the Department Of Administration’s Mike Huebsch, appointed by Walker.

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